Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recap of Roth-Related Environmental Happenings

Okay, so a lot has been going on lately. I've been getting confused about what exactly has happened, let alone what happened when. Soooo I made a list-y thing:
  1. EON members met with President Roth to introduce him to the President's Climate Commitment and urge him to sign it.
  2. President Roth made that post about global warming, and a bunch of people commented on it.
  3. EON drafted a Student Climate Commitment.
  4. The Sustainability Committee unanimously voted to endorse President Roth's signing of the President's Climate Commitment, and requested that EON make our student commitment more inclusive.
  5. The Student Climate Commitment morphed into the Community Climate Commitment, which a bunch of people signed.
  6. President Roth made a post saying that he was looking forward to signing the President's Climate Commitment, but couldn't really write more specifically until he got some official recommendations. I got really excited.
  7. The WSA passed a resolution that 1) urges President Roth to sign the President's Climate Commitment, 2)urges students to sign the Community Climate Commitment, and 3)urges itself to think and act with sustainability in mind.
  8. A bunch of really important staff members as well as Jacob (representing EON), met with President Roth to officially recommend that he sign the document.
  9. President Roth is excited to sign the document and all set to promote sustainability at Wes...aka MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  10. The Argus writes about it.
This is super exciting. Roth seems really interested in and committed to environmental issues. He's clearly thinking about sustainability when he writes in his blog (like his most recent post, in which he muses about environmental responsibility and congratulates Professor Gary Yohe on his Nobel Peace Prize), which is great, and he's also quoted about global warming in a recent Hartford Courant article (a link to which can also be found on the Wesleyan home page).

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